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Agreements for international cooperation aimed at formalizing a partnership with one or more higher education institutions / international organizations and can take many forms. Among them, the general agreement that establishes the basic terms of a comprehensive cooperation, based on the exchange of cultural and scientific knowledge. Specific activities to be developed following the general agreement should be formalized in terms additives. Specific agreements can still be award, regardless of the existence of a general agreement, especially in the following cases:


- mobility of teachers and students in a specific area;

- support for joint research in specific areas.


Whether it is more general agreements, whether it be specific agreements, the following criteria must be respected:


- Mutual interest in the partnership;

- existence of concrete projects to develop;

- interest for the training of students and teachers;

- To guarantee academic recognition;

- sustainability of the partnership (human and financial resources).


Attention: The templates for the Cooperation Agreement, Term Amendment and Co-tutorship are in the process of being renewed by UERJ's legal department. Therefore, the old templates available before in our website will no longer be valid for new agreements. 


The formalization of double degree agreements must observe the provisions of "normalization Double Degree UERJ" and its formalization through the International Cooperation Department of UERJ. Models of double degree agreement are: Portuguese-English; Portuguese-FrenchPortuguese-Spanish


For further information about international academic agreement, please do not hesitate do contact the International Cooperation Department: O endereço de e-mail address está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa ativar o JavaScript enabled para vê-lo.



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