Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Medical Internship

The student who is interested in taking part at the UERJ’s Medical Internship should e-mail the following documents to the International Cooperation Office:

- Letter or e-mail from the home university allowing the participation of the student in the resident program for the requested period;

- The Candidacy Form of the International Cooperation Office properly filled out and signed by the home institution;

- A short Resumè with personal information;

- Copy of the identification page of the passport, which must have validation for, at least, 6 months after the expected date for the returning of the resident program;

- Transcript of records and a Portuguese version;

- A certificate that proves the knowledge of the Portuguese Language;

- Composition in Portuguese explaining in a few lines (maximum of 15 lines) your motivation to study in Brazil.


The candidacy only will be considered for analisys after sending the Application Form with signatures and the above listed documents.


After being selected for the Medical Internship, the student will have to e-mail a copy of the health insurance (with sanitary repatriation clause) for the period of the internship.

Once at UERJ, the student must:

- Come over the International Cooperation Office in order to sign the arrival form and to bring the student visa.

The student must obtain the Foreigner National Registration in the Federal Police during the first 30 days of the arrival in Brazil, if the period is more than one mouth.

After finished the Internship, the student will receive a transcript of records with the developed activities.



• First semester: application in September

• Second semester: application in March