Another Graduate Program (GP) that contributed significantly to the highlight of Uerj in the area of Human and Social Sciences is the GP of Political Science, located at  Instituto de Estudos Sociais e Políticos, IESP (ancient IUPERJ). This is a consolidated GP in this area with international networks well established and highlighted in international publication. For the development of this theme, the GP of history are associated (GP level 5 of long tradition in the area) and the GP Social History (GP level 4 and improving). The crossings between history and politics are highlighted in this theme, developing issues of strong social impact: immigration, emigration and migration, in history and currently, to the problem of politics, democracy and power, and to memory and identity issues. Nowadays, it is growing the understanding in human and social science that social processes are political. Their power dynamics cannot be reduced to technical and instrumental decisions. So, theoretical development in political theory is fundamental to attempt to account many of the current social challenges. Such challenges, for the time, are more easily faced if the international discussion is done, breaking with disciplinary barriers and cultural borders north-south.


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