Uerj has a long and recognized history of action in the formation of teachers, well as a great highlight in the area of Education in the current days, as soon as it has been placed since 2010 one of the few Graduate Programs level 7 in this area: o Proped (Graduate Program of Education). Proped nucleate, therefore, in the scope of Capes print, different research projects in the area of education and Graduate Program Social Inequalities of the Faculty of Teacher Training (only Master degree, level 4), of the Graduate Program in Sociology (level 5) and of the Graduate Program of Public Policy and Human Formation (level 6). The theme of education articulate educational projects of those Graduate Programs. Through such projects they achieve internationalization activities that are expressed in the level of excellence of ProPEd and GP Public Politics and Human Formation. Nowadays, education is one of the topics of public policy in the globalized world. Such policies tend to be reduced to an instrumental and immediate scope, linked to teaching and achieving evaluation goals, and which reduces educational complexity and, therefore, get little advancement in the training of subjectivities tuned with the social demands of the contemporary world. The assumption that such formation of subjectivities could be prescribed and depriving the obligation of negotiating senses with others also not contributed to the intended purposes of freedom and social justice. Therefore, for the development of this theme, the Graduate Programs invest in an educational project for cultural production and for intersubjective formation. These projects, therefore, focus on different educational themes that seek to distance and even question the instrumental and prescriptive approaches, introducing research on: everyday life and education, curriculum policies, childhood, memory, intercultural education, foreign language teaching, teaching training and social stratification of education in the field of a developed theoretical-strategic study capable of producing long-term practical repercussions. We have chosen consolidated projects with research groups in countries that are part of priorities by the Capes PrInt. These projects are coordinated by senior researchers of long trajectory in the area.


>> Everyday, Educational Networks, Cultural Processes and Images

>> Writing, Memory and Teaching Proficiency

>> Philosophy in Childhood of School Life

>> Inclusion, Communication and Learning

>> Curriculum Policies

 >> Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages Under an Intercultural Perspective