The Graduate Program of Public Policy and Human Formation, level 6 in two evaluation periods (2010-2012 and 2013-2016), nucleate the theme of public policies in its obligation relative to social theory. This theme also organizes the projects of the GP of Social Sciences, the GP of Geography, the GP of Social Psychology and the GP of Sociology. Therefore, the relations among these GPs are strengthened to address interdisciplinary issues concerning current thematics, such as gender violence, innovation and urban inequalities in relation to education, housing or occupation of public space. Such themes require international dialogue. Not for any subsequent local application of solutions engaged in other contexts for similar problems. But for the understanding that, if the solutions to meet these questions will be mutual, the local constitution of a solution leads to the knowledge of the much that is made in other social contexts. 

International Cooperation Projects


>> Articulations in human and social sciences: challenges of human rights in Latin America and Europe

>> Public Campaign Analysis for Preventing Gender Violence in Brazil 2000-2017  

>> Internationalization of the Graduate Program Public Policies and Human Education (PPFH): Innovation and Technical Networks in the Production of Public Policies in Urban Environment, Education and Biopolitics and Human Education and Citizenship