The Graduate Program in Environment of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (GP-Environment) is intended to produce knowledge related to environmental sciences and human training for the pursuit of research, teaching and public policy activities. This is an interdisciplinary doctoral course that has undergone thirteen doctoral admissions processes, counting from its first class with one hundred and fifty-three (153) students and eighty-six (86) dissertations presented up to December 2017. In that year, the course counted on fifty-five (55) active doctoral students and the conclusion and final presentation of five (05) dissertations. The Program expresses its objectives in the integration of the investigative processes carried out in its two lines of research: Social Construction of the Environment and Conservation of the Environment. The Doctorate in Environment at UERJ occupies a strategic place among the teaching and research organizations that develop interdisciplinary processes in Brazil. Of the 23 professors (18 core, 05 contributors), most of them representing the eleven faculties that make up the Program, five are part of the Program Coordination Commission - a general coordinator of the Social Sciences area, and four assistant coordinators, from the fields of knowledge of Oceanography, Education and Engineering, stimulating the creation of strategies that allow the establishment of a thematic project that configures the identity of the Program based on interdisciplinary research. In its constant reach to meet the criteria and suggestions of the Environmental Sciences Committee of CAPES (CACiamb) for the Graduate Programs, during 2017, the GP-Environment Coordination continued the improvement of the Program: - emphasizing the collective production of teachers of the same line and of different lines of research, in order to contribute to the establishment of a new practice in the training / practice of doctors and the ability to move through different areas of knowledge and to dialogue with specialists of different backgrounds in research, teaching and in activities aimed at the social integration of these professionals.


International Cooperation Project

>> Ecology of Populations, Communities and Water Ecosystems: Understanding and Modeling Tropical Environments