The recognition of Uerj as an  institution with strong leadership in human and social sciences is in part due to one of its Graduate Programs (GP) level 6 in two evaluation periods (triennial 2010-2012 and quadrennial 2013-2016): GP of Social Work. This GP nucleates the GPs of Arts, Social Sciences, communication, Law, Philosophy, Letters and Sociology. They focus on culture and its connections with social theory.  Among its foci are contemporary topics of great impact, such as the formation of subjectivities, the media, critical legal studies and issues related to  work. Ample and multifaceted matters as these require an interdisciplinary approach and strengthening of international collaboration, since we discuss processes with strong contextual contours and simultaneously engage in a universal dynamics. Considering that, currently,  culture is understood both as a universal and a particular that assumes the representation of the universal, relations between what is particular (local, contextual, national, any particular) and what is universal (the global, non-contextual, international, any universal) are central themes. Therefore, dimensions in affect theory, episteme-nature relations, discussions on language, sociological theory, history, and theory of law are key for the interconnections among the projects under  this theme.


>> Culture, Subjectivity and Emotions

>> Democracy, Social Inequalities and Public Policy

>> History, Constitution and Critique of Law

>> Geopoetics and New Epistemes: Art and Culture in Contemporary Art

>> Language, Migration and Work

>> Subjectivity and Nature

>> Communication Technologies, City of Culture and Media

>> Work and Social Issues